2018 Funday Winners

And the BIG WINNERS of the 22nd Annual Funday are the children at the Montreal Children’s Hospital!

And congratulations to all the winners of our different contests:

The  Golf flight winners are:

  1. Fish House: Anthony Abbatiello, Gab Archambault, Stuart Barker, Robbie Johnstone
  2. Bucksters: Daniel Krieble, Patrick Collins, Sean Collins, Mike Johnson
  3. Pumpkin: Jean Guay, Lucette Seguin, Doug Wagner
  4. Grizzly: Robert Krieble, Jeremy Whitworth, Trevor Dunn, Sebastian Negrete
  5. TC Collins: Konrad Couture, Jonas Langer, Louis Marien, William Marien

Predict your drive distance winners:

Mens: William Marien
Womens: Pierrette Brideau

Closest to the pin winner:

Jeremy Whitworth (6 ft 2 in)

Yellow ball draw winners:

Pierre Brideau, Dan Brideau, Vince Brideau, Pierrette Brideau

AND FINALLY… the “Best, Most Passionately Dressed Partyers” Award goes to:
Fiona  Campbell and David Sterling

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