Special Projects

Here is a story about one of the special projects we’ve donated to:

Leslie Bronstetter and I attended a moving ceremony. It was a rare occasion to see “face to face” how your efforts translate in to a tangible gift.

To begin at the beginning; a young lady, Sarah Margolese, listened to a presentation by Rosanna d’Arazio (Director of Social Services) from the Children’s Hospital. Rosanna outlined the urgent need for an adaptive van to help a family whose second child was wheelchair bound. Sarah Margolese was soon to celebrate her 98th birthday and decided to give rather than receive; she stepped up to the plate and put up $10,000 towards this project.

As most of you realize, $10,000 does not buy a van these days. So the Children’s contacted Desmeules Dodge Chrysler in Laval and they helped out with the perfect vehicle. They were still short about $7,000. Thus enter our fearless leader. Bruce Charron receives a call from the Children’s; they outline to Bruce the urgent need for the $7,000. Bruce taps out an email to all the board members for a yes or no. Within 24 hours the unanimous response was yes. That ordinarily would be the end of it; write the cheque, feel good about it and get on with your day.

The Children’s decide to honour Sarah for her donation and they would like ACK to be there as well. Leslie and I arrive at the residence, Wesmtount One, are escorted to a room full of people, get introduced to Sarah Margolese when, the owner of the new adapted van arrives. Mr & Mrs. Laouina wheel their daughter, who is also a Sarah, into the room. This tiny Sarah has a smile as bright as any sunrise you’ve seen. The severity and urgency of the need hits home… hard. She is on a respirator attached to a very high tech wheelchair, she often turns blue from the lack of oxygen and has to be rushed to the Children’s. This van will make all the difference to a family who courageously meet each day with challenges that would fell most of us. And this Sarah is only 3 years old.

The hard work and donations we all make to ACK are tangible even if we never see what the funds we raise do. Sarah Laouina puts a face to all the other kids that you’ve helped.

Don Clinton


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