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Hard to believe that we have been at this gig for 21 years. The same people at the Montreal Children’s Hospital that 21 years ago, said we would be history in three years are now proudly endorsing us as their largest community fundraising organization. It’s safe to say that without your unwavering, passionate support we would not have got this far. Thank you!

Where the Montreal Children’s Hospital might have taken good care of you, your children, grandchildren or your great grandchildren, it will be caring for generations to come. The page of particular programs that we support is here. Last year we agreed to support “Head Trauma Prevention” or as we call it “Saving Kids Brains” (SKB) at the Children’s. While the statistics are shocking, we were even more shocked when we all recounted our own personal experiences with concussions. It hits close to home “literally” and its hard to miss the daily, weekly articles, blogs, chatter on this subject in the various print or digital media. The most outstanding statistic is that at least in the case of kids in their formative years, head trauma/concussions are 90 % preventable. Our commitment to this program is large and in order fund it and those other programs that are near and dear, we hope to raise $500,000 in 2016 starting with the July 9th Funday.In order to do that we continue to count on the support our network of concerned families, companies, community groups to attach themselves or their corporate banner to ACK and “Saving Kids Brains (SKB)”. We offer lots of sponsorship /advertising options .Click for options

Please take a moment to view this short video of another SKB success story at the Children’s  https://youtu.be/1v0Vwk0fLOI.


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