Virtual-ly FUNDAY

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The idea of Virtual-ly FUNDAY was born. Think about what you will be doing instead of attending FUNDAY this year… now Uncle-Buck-it-up! Take photos of your golf outing, or your dinner, your physically distanced pool party, or whatever you will be doing while NOT attending FUNDAY. Wanna dress up in full ACK costume??? GO FOR IT! Want to snap some pics filled with rubber duckies??? Yup, that’ll work too!!

To share on social media:

    • Post to Instagram and/or Facebook
    • Make sure you tag @andycollinsforkids
    • Also use our special event hashtag #ackvirtuallyfunday

Of course, the two most important components to ACK are giving back and having fun. Now that the fun part is outlined, here comes the giving back! Please consider giving whatever you might have contributed at the actual FUNDAY event this year. The programs we support and the incredible KIDS need us as much, if not more, than ever.

Yours Truly,

The Andy Collins For Kids Board of Directors

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